Monday, May 7, 2012

4 years.

May 7, 2008. The day my life turned upside down. 

My Grandma found out she had cancer at the end of March 2008. She was strong and told us she would fight it and that cancer wasn't going to get her down. We were hopeful. My Grandma had never had any major illnesses so we thought she would beat this. 

Unfortunately, we were very wrong. 

The cancer was at a very advanced stage and immediately attacked her lungs. She was never even healthy enough to get tested to see what kind of cancer she had. From the day we found out about her cancer things went downhill. 

Since her lungs were under attack things got very serious and she was admitted to the hospital and put in the ICU. She was given wonderful care and our family was there with her at all hours. But the cancer had already done too much damage. 

We got the call in the morning on May 7th and were told to get to the hospital because things weren't good. She was taken off the machine that was breathing for her that morning.

Today is a hard day for my family. It's been 4 years but we haven't stopped missing her. My Grandma was such a wonderfully beautiful woman and life isn't the same with out her.

Through my Grandma's passing, my life changed. I had been attending church with friends for a few years but my heart and head were stubborn. I understood God and how He could change my life but I wasn't ready. I felt that life was going just fine without Him. I couldn't have been more wrong.

A few months after my Grandma's funeral I was back at church on a Wednesday night. And it all clicked. I felt God working inside me and I knew I needed Him. I had so much hurt in my heart that wasn't going away. He opened His arms to me and saved me. I realized there is no purpose in life without God. He filled my heart. 

God used this awful moment in my life to make me come to Him. I am so thankful that He hadn't given up on me. My heart still aches on this day for my Grandma but I know that she accepted the Lord shortly before her passing so I will see her again some day in heaven. That is what comforts me through this day. I thank God for changing my heart and loving me enough to pull me through this. 

Grandma, my siblings and I April 2008.


  1. Thank God for the promise of heaven and seeing those who went on before us again some day!

    I am a new follower - I hope you will come by my blogs and follow me, too! Blessings!!

    1. Amen to that promise for sure! Such a wonderful blessing.

      I'll be stopping by your blog today! Thanks for checking out mine!
      Have a blessed day! :)

  2. Wonderful job honey...... Love You Mom

  3. Beautiful story and awesome testimony! Praise God that he doesn't give up on us and that He never will!

  4. Thanks Bethany! God is so awesome! :)