Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wedding Anniversary {part 4}

Welcome back to my wedding series!! It's been so fun sharing all our excitement.

I still can't believe it's been about a year since our wedding. Time has gone by so quickly!

Back to our story...

So, we were engaged! And ready to plan. First step was picking a location. Yikes. My man picked a couple places to check out. This was the first one...

I loved the lil gazebo and the pretty trees and everything all around. But I did not love the price tag and the limited time we would be able to use the space.

So we left. We went back to my mom's house and decided to keep looking. Then I looked around and thought, well, why don't we have the wedding here?! My mom had been wanting to do some work to her house and this would be the perfect reason to do it. So, I asked my love if he thought it was a good or crazy idea. He thought it would be great! We had picked our place!

I love my mom's house. It's big and pretty. BUT the backyard where the wedding would be needed some work. Check it out...

The grass was in great shape. But the playhouse had to go and so did all the other stuff on the patio. Good thing my man is handy and was able to handle to job!

So at this point we had our location picked. We had pretty much narrowed down out date, late July, and it was mid March. We had our work cut out for us!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wedding Anniversay Month {part 3}

Hey guys! Ready for part 3 of our pre wedding story?! I'm excited to share it. Since this is the part with the proposal it's extra fun :)

Before I get to our proposal story, I forgot to mention something important! We went through pre engagement counseling with our Pastor before we got the ok to take the next step. We went through a work book with him and talked through some challenging aspects of marriage. I definitely recommend this type of counseling before getting engaged. It really helped us both get on the same page with things as well as make sure that God was the foundation of our relationship. I feel that our marriage is much stronger because of this counseling.

So, I left off last week by saying I was bummed that he didn't propose on Valentine's Day. But, he made up for it.

One week later, February 21, 2011 he took me to the beach. Dana Point, so so pretty. And this time I wasn't expecting a proposal, I was just enjoying our time together.

This is a special place for us because it's where we came for one of our first dates. We walked along the beach and talked. It was the best.

And that's exactly what we did this time around. We walked to this lil cove that was adorable but had a ton of dead seaweed all around and smelled so bad!! So, we turned and started walking back.

Within a few steps he stopped and got down on one knee. I was shocked. He asked me to marry him. I was still shocked. I got down with him and said yes!! It was perfect.

We both had smiles plastered to our faces. So so so happy.

On our walk back to the car he said he was nervous. I could feel his heart pounding. And he also said he wanted to propose in the lil cove but it was too stinky. Haha. It didn't go exactly as he planned but I wouldn't have changed a thing.

We went back to my house and told my family. They were so excited! He had asked them for their permission to propose, so they knew it was coming soon.

It was such a wonderful evening. I wanted to be married right then!

Next we were ready to get planning. But first we had to set a date. Summer. July. 4 months to plan our wedding! We got a few surprised faces when we told people. But we pulled it off :)

My engagement ring. Beautiful.
A few of our engagement pictures taken by my awesome sister :) ...

We had so much fun taking these pictures. My sister has such a great eye for things like this :)

Hope you're enjoying our wedding story. It's been fun remembering all the details. Stay tuned for part 4!

Friday, July 20, 2012

High five it's Friday!

It's Friday!!! One week from today my hubby and I will be on our road trip vacation. And I can't wait!!! So so ready for a lil break and some extra time with my love.

Sharing some fun moments from my past week. Linking up with Miss Lauren at From My Grey Desk for H54F. Yes! Let's get going...

_ one _
Our lil Piper got fixed last week, and she is recovering quickly! The day we brought her home she was already back to her maniac self. And she gets to wear this oh so lovely cone...
_ two _
We got some new dry food for Piper this week, and silly me, I forget to put it away and this is what she did to it while we slept. She just couldn't wait...
_ three _
Since I wanted to finish the food we had for Piper I didn't give her the new stuff. She wasn't thrilled. And this was her way of letting us know the old stuff wasn't cutting it anymore...
This has been a fun Piper week ;)

_ four _
I have gotten to work full days this week and it's been great! I have awesome co workers and the sweetest babies to hang out with. I love my job :)

_ five _
Planning for our road trip this week. Oh and by planning I just mean talking about it with my hubby. That's as much as we plan. We are just heading out and ending up where we end up. And that's exactly how we like it. We have a general idea of where we want to go but it could change! So excited :)

Happy Friday guys!! And have a wonderful weekend :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ready for a date?

 Happy Thursday!

Today I have a fun post for you. I have been trying out a few DIY projects and this one was fun and easy to make! This project is perfect if you and your man are set and ready to go on a date... but don't know where to go. This handy dandy jar will already be full of awesome ideas, you just have to pick one. Ready to get started?! Let's get to it :)

I found this cute idea on Pinterest {of course :)} a couple weeks ago and was excited to make it!

Cute huh?! And I just happened to have all the supplies. Yes!

Since I am a very indecisive person having something to help us plan a date night makes life much easier. So I got to work!

My supplies...

  • mason jar
  • fabric scrap
  • twine
  • large Popsicle sticks
  • paint
  • tag & sharpie  
Once I got all my supplies together I painted my Popsicle sticks.
  When the dried I wrote the date ideas on them. Forgot to take a picture of this step. Some of the ideas I came up with include; dinner & a movie, dinner & a drive in movie, go to an Angels game, go for a walk & talk, a weekend getaway to Big Bear and a couple others. I have extra sticks to add ideas to.

Next it's time to decorate my mason jar. I used twine and wrapped it around the top a couple times, then tucked it into itself to hold it. Then I used my fabric scrap to tie a bow and add my tag. And that's it! This is such a fun simple project that makes going on dates a lil easier since the ideas are already lined up!

Here is the finished product...

I love how it came out! Now we just have to use it :)

Do you have any date ideas we can add to our jar?! I would love some new ideas :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wedding anniversary month {part 2}

Picking up where we left off... If you missed part 1 click here to check it out :)

We dated about 17 months before he proposed. But before we get to the proposal here's a lil more about our dating relationship...

He had met my family while we were just in the friends stage but once we were more than that he was around a lot more. And my family loved him from the start. He's a very lovable guy :) And from there I met his Mom and we got along great. Things started out just right.

We continued attending church together and hanging out with our same group of friends and of course spending more time just the two of us. Life was good!

Here are a few more pictures from our time together...
Our first mini road trip to San Diego
First long road trip to Sacramento
Silly Disneyland time
Youth camp
Love this pic!
My first time riding a quad and shooting guns. Fun day!
We experienced a lot together in the beginning stages of our relationship and I feel that we really bonded through all these things. We spent long days together and never got sick of each other. We made decisions together easily. We just worked. God planned our relationship so wonderfully, our connection was first built as friends then became more. God is so good.

I was ready to be married to him and spend the rest of our lives together. But first we had to get engaged and have a wedding. Our next big step.

So Valentines Day 2010 rolled around and I thought that's when he was going to pop the question. We went to a nice dinner. And I waited... and waited... and it didn't happen that night. And I was bummed. He could tell. He told me he wanted to surprise me and that he didn't want me to "expect" it. So I pouted, a lil.

But not for long because his proposal came shortly after this...

Stay tuned for our proposal story :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Gloomy Friday love

It may be a gloomy Friday here in sunny Orange County but it's still Friday and that's something to be excited about! Two weeks from today my hubby and I will be on our anniversary road trip vacation!!!!!!! I am so SO so excited :)

Linking up with Lauren for High Five for Friday!

Here are my top 5 things of this week...

] . one . [
Got to go to an awesome Angels game on Sunday!! They hit 4 home runs and beat the Orioles 6 to 0. Such a good game!

] . two . [
Why did the duckies cross the road?! Got to see these cute lil guys on our morning walk. I love the fun things we get to experience early in the morning. Aren't duckies just the cutest!

] . three . [
Made my first freezer crock pot meal on Tuesday night! And it was a success!! So super yummy. And SO SO easy to make! There will for sure be more of these to come :)

] . four . [
Our pretty lil Piper got fixed yesterday :( But the good thing is we get to pick her up this evening! I miss her!!

] . five . [
She is always entertaining! And she keeps squirrels on their toes. Love our Jodi girl.

Have a happy weekend! :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wedding anniversary month {part 1}

I can't believe my wonderful hubby and I have been married for almost a year. A YEAR?! Time has seriously flown by. It feels like longer actually. Like we were always meant to live our lives together. We just fit. That may be cheesy and corny and make you want to barf, but we do! Our life together feels like something we should have always been doing. And that makes my heart happy :)

Since it's our wedding month, I wanted to share a lil about our wedding prep. We had a VERY DIY wedding. We did as much as we could do ourselves and that's exactly how we wanted it.

But before there was a wedding to plan, there was friendship, dating and a proposal. Wanna hear our story? Here goes...

We met in late 2007. He is 3 years younger than me so at the time he was 19. I was 22. I thought he was sweet but was NOT going for a teenager! So, we were friends. For quite a while. We got to know each other as friends and only friends. It took us 2 whole years to realize there was something more between us.

During the summer of 2009 we took a guitar class together, just the 2 of us. I was nervous it would be weird since we had always hung out in a group but I was excited to get some one on one time with him. Since by this time I had realized the feelings I had for him were more than friendly ;)

So we hung out. Just the 2 of us. And it was awesome. We learned how to play guitar. Kinda, if I picked one up now no magic would happen. But learning to play guitar wasn't the point. We were learning about each other as more than friends. So, we continued talking and having fun all summer.

September 18 2009 we went to Disneyland together. We had a blast. We stayed til after midnight, watching the fireworks, walking around just being together. We decided we should head home but on the walk to the car he suggested sitting down to people watch. I wish I had a picture of the fountain we sat pretty. And that's where he popped his first question. Asking me to be his girlfriend. AHH!! So September 19th we started our more than friends relationship.

Like what you're reading so far? Stay tuned, I'll share more soon :)

But I won't leave you hanging too terribly... here are a couple pics from early in our relationship...

Our first trip to Disneyland together :)
After the Toy Story ride
Did I mention that Disneyland was our "place"? We went there together for the first time on his birthday, in August, and they let you get in free on your bday. Score! I had a pass at the time so we went, and he got a pass that day also. So from then on we hung out there a lot :)