Friday, May 18, 2012

We made it! It's Friday :)

Happy Friday!! On Monday Fridays always feel SO far away, but they always come and it's just so wonderful! 

Linking up today with Miss Lauren at From My Grey Desk. Sharing my top 5 things from this past week. Let's get to it! :)


~ one ~
Our sweet lil Piper got her shots on Sunday. She was not loving it but she got her nails trimmed! Which is so nice because she had been testing them out on us! But the shots didn't slow her down. She was back to her normal crazy self in no time!

We really need to get a carrier for her. She's so cute though!
Crazy girl climbing my sister's leg!
~ two ~
Got to meet with my fantastic sewing teacher/friend to work on my second project. It's almost done! We also got to go thrift store shopping, so much fun! I got some great things for our home and only spent $12, yay!

Apron fun :)
~ three ~
Tried another cookie recipe this yesterday! Will be posting the recipe and pics next week :) I need to branch out from making cookies, huh? Hmm... what to make next week? :)

~ four ~
My hubby and I got to spend a few nights relaxing at home. It was so nice to just be together (with Miss Piper, of course) and eat dinner and watch TV. The last couple weeks have been a bit hectic, so I really enjoyed just staying home with my man :)

Sweet Piper planning her attack :)
~ five ~
I got to work a few extra hours this week. I am so thankful for a job that I love! I enjoy going to work everyday. Some days are hard and tiring but I get to hang out with cute lil babies and toddlers. They are so much fun! And also thankful for a few extra hours with them! 

I hope you're enjoying your Friday as much as I am! This is going to be a BUSY weekend for my family! My lil sister is graduating from college on Sunday!! So proud of her. We are throwing her a lil party at my mom's house to celebrate. Lots to do to get ready for that! Looking forward to celebrating all my sister's hard work! She found out she made the honor society yesterday. She was literally jumping for joy. My lil smarty pants sister! :)

Have a wonderful weekend! :)

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