Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Oh, how Pinteresting!

It's Wednesday. Middle of the week. The weekend is in sight! Woo hoo!!

Time for my third link up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple! Gotta love Pinterest, right? My top 10 pins for the week. I chose a theme for this round... Beautify your home! I have been trying to beautify our new home for a while now. So hopefully finding my top 10 ideas will get my butt in gear! I get overwhelmed by too many good ideas. And Pinterest is FULL of too many good ideas! So when I get overwhelmed I tend to put it off. Which is what I have been doing. For about 3 months now! Yikes. Anyway, loving these ideas! :)

Oh, how Pinteresting!...

Pretty. Source

Loving this kitchen. Source

Wonderful idea to hide laundry stuff. Source

So cool! Source

Cute wall art idea! Source

Working on making curtains. Source

Need to get our office this pretty/organized! Source
Love the colors. Source

Love this idea for our patio. Source

Going to be trying this soon! Source

Pinterest is so fun! Hopefully next week I'll have a post showing you what I was inspired to do in our home. Going to try to focus on ONE area this week. I can do this! :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday! :)

Oh and P.S.....I'm not totally sure I got all the sources in there right! Got a lil confused with that. I'm still learning :)


  1. i love that table!! i wish i was handy and could make cute things like that. love the flowers too!! good pins

    1. Thank you! :) I had fun putting them all together! hopefully i'll be adding pics of the table i'm painting soon :)
      Thanks for checking out my blog! :)