Thursday, May 10, 2012

Morning walks.

Happy Thursday! The thing that makes today so great is that tomorrow is FRIDAY!! :) 

Today I'm sharing a lil about something I enjoy doing during the work week. 

Early morning walks with my Mama and her dog Jodi. 

This is my Mom, isn't she pretty :)
This is Jodi, she is silly!
We have been going on these daily walks for about a year now. Every day, rain or shine. For the most part that is. Our wonderful walks started one morning when I couldn't sleep. We had been planning my wedding and it got the best of me. So at 5am one Saturday morning... I asked my mom if she wanted to go for a walk. And the rest is history. 

We have had our fair share of crazy morning walks. Jodi usually brings the crazy. She LOVES squirrels. When a squirrel comes into sight my poor Mom gets dragged along for the adventure. We have entertained quite a few people with the tricks my Mom has done while trying to keep Jodi under control. She is a strong dog! But Mom usually wins :)

Our walks are for about an hour and just under 4 miles. Everyday. We get to walk through Old Town Orange {adorable lil houses with white picket fences} I just love our route, wish I had a picture to share!

Along with the crazy comes beautiful sunrises, long talks and Starbucks. Did I mention we go to Starbucks every morning too? Oops forgot that part huh :) So, along with our oh so healthy walking, we get a reward of Starbucks to keep us going. We love coffee. 

Seriously so yummy!
These early morning walks have been something I have come to cherish. Not just for the coffee, but for the quality time I get to spend with my Mom. She is awesome. I can ask her anything and she seems to always have the answer. Since getting married people always ask how my Mom is doing without me living in her house but I always tell them that we get to walk every morning so I doubt she misses me :) 

Walks are wonderful. Especially when they are with someone you love.

Mom and I, my birthday at Red Robin. Yum.
My bowling bachelorette party!
I'm so thankful she actually WANTS to get up at 6am every morning to walk with me :) I love you Mom! :)


  1. Hi Tawyna: I want YOU for a daughter too! That was so neat and beautifully said. I can tell you really love your Mom and cherish the time you have with her. I guess that's the difference with boys. I'd love to get an e-mail like this from Josh. I'm proud of you. Your adopted mother. Theresa (In case you forgot)

    1. Aww thanks Theresa!! I love my Mom lots and I do cherish our time! Boys are silly. I hope you're having a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!
      We will have to come meet you for frozen yogurt soon :)
      Love you!

  2. Thanks honey, that made me teary and warm inside. Your are a wonderful daughter and I am proud to be your mom. I love our morning walks and talks. Love you so much.

    1. You're welcome Mom!! Our morning walks and talks are the best. Love you lots! :)