Saturday, May 5, 2012

Oh Piper...

Our sweet lil girl has become a crazy kitty!

Yes, we were warned. Yes, we thought she would stay sweet. Yes, we were wrong!

Now, don't get me wrong. She is still sweet and adorable. BUT the crazy has come out!

A few of the fun tricks she tried this week include:
  • getting as close as possible to the edge of the stairs, without falling off
  • attacking my feet while I was trying to do jumping jacks
  • climbing my husbands leg
  • rolling off the couch
  • trying to climb on our bed at 3am
That last one was the killer. She had to claw her way up to us, which as you can imagine was not very quiet. My husband was constantly putting her back on the floor. But she is persistent. She continued this for quite a while. Then she got smart. She came to my side of the bed. She climbed up and I let her stay and sleep with us. I'm a softie. Oh well. 

We love her. Crazy and all. 

Can you blame us? She's the cutest lil kitty. Our sweet/crazy Piper :)
Happy Saturday!

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