Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I've started a new detox plan! And you're probably thinking I'm referring to a diet detox and I'll be drinking nothing but lemon juice for a week, or something crazy like that. While I'm sure that is an interesting thing to do (I wouldn't make it a week!) I'm doing a detox for my soul. Working from the inside out.

I found this devotional plan from following Maggy at Gussy Sews. She posted a lot about it and I decided to check it out, and I'm so glad I did! It's an app on the iPhone, a Youversion bible. I searched their devotional plans and found Soul Detox that was recommended. I'm a week into the plan and it's been really great so far.

If you are up for a new type of detox, check this one out! I feel that it is really applicable to the lives we lead today. The plan mainly deals with toxic thoughts. I won't go too deeply into it here but these are thoughts that are destructive and bring us away from the Truth that Jesus is our Savior and He died for our sins. The world fills our heads with these thoughts on a daily basis and through this plan I am learning how to guard my heart and mind.

I am doing this study with my close friend Ashley, she blogs over at Through The Looking Glass. We met up yesterday for the first time since we started doing the plan and it was so wonderful to talk through the days. I'm so glad to be doing this with her :)

Another great thing about this devotional is that it's on my phone! I ALWAYS have my phone with me so no matter what I can ALWAYS do this study. If you're looking for an internal boost I definitely recommend this plan, and if this one doesn't work for you, there are lots of other plans to choose from! The Soul Detox is a 35 day plan, so it's a commitment but it's not very long at all, you can do it!

If you have any questions... email me, I'd be happy to hear from you! I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!! :)

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