Monday, June 18, 2012

Blog life

Happy Monday! It's time to link up with Miss Jessica over at the Lovely Little Things blog for Smell the Roses! Yay! :)

Lovely Little Things
Loving her task for this week... sharing what blogging has done for me. Since I am still a new blogger, I don't have TOO much to share, but I'm excited to share my lil experience so far.

I have been blogging for a bit over a month now, and so far it's been a lot of fun. Here's my list of what blogging has done for me... :)

  • It's helped me take time to enjoy the small things in life that I experience everyday. Life is more than just the big events that come our way (which are wonderful of course) but it's important to also enjoy everyday life. Blogging has helped me with that.
  • I've tried new recipes to share on my blog! That has been so much fun. I am still learning to cook and blogging has definitely made it easier to really get going.
  • Reading other blogs has really been inspiring. There are some really encouraging ladies in the blog world and I am so thankful they share their stories!
  • Documenting life through this blog is really great. I've taken more time to take pictures and really think about how much life is a blessing. 
Thank you Jessica for this task! :)


  1. I love the last bullet (and I love the fact that you wrote a list...I'm a bit list obsessed)!

    Blogging really has helped me to see how blessed I am AND it's a greg way to bless others, too :)

    Thanks for linking up, sweet girl!

    1. I love lists too!! Yay! Blogging is a huge blessing, thanks for helping me discover that! :)
      Have a great day!! :) ... tomorrow is Friday! Woohoo!!!

  2. Found you on Lovely Little Things when I submitted my post!Great job on your blog sista! I am now excited to be your newest follower!

    1. Hey Ashlee!! Thanks for stopping by! So happy to have you!! :)
      Hope you're having a wonderful week! :)