Friday, June 8, 2012

Hey Friday!!

This has been a wonderful week!! My birthday was Monday, so that made this week a lil extra special :)

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My top 5 things of the week...

)) one ((
I got to go to an Angels game with my mama on Saturday night!! So much fun. A very good game. I t was cowboy hat night (we got there late so we didn't get one, boo) they were setting the world record for the most people wearing cowboy hats in one place. They did it! Very cool.

So much fun!
Our friends let us borrow their hats to take a picture :)

)) two ((
Like I said before, Monday was my birthday!! So, that was a fun day :) I was extra spoiled by my family and friends. And by my hubby! I shared this earlier in the week, he is amazing :)
My best present :)

)) three ((
My mom bought some of the Starbucks Via caramel iced coffee, yum! It's a lil strong but still tasty and saves money!! Yay!

)) four ((
My lil Piper is so pretty :) And we saw the sun rise during one of our walks. So so pretty.
She was watching me leave. Aww
Love this

)) five ((
This hasn't happened yet, but we have no official plans this weekend! It's kinda nice because the last month has been a bit crazy. So we are looking forward to doing things around the house :)

Happy Friday!!! :)

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