Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Let there be light

This past weekend was a lil different for us. We mostly stayed home! We have been wanting to get some stuff done around the house and just haven't been able to. But this weekend we made it happen!

Let me start this by saying, my husband is unbelievable. The things he knows how to do blows my mind. EVERYTHING that we have done to our house so far has been done by him. I've helped here and there with painting but all the rest is him. I could go on forever about how wonderful he is. I love everything about him!

And, to really top things off, he does it all with such a great attitude. Even when he is dripping with sweat and things aren't going exactly how he planned, he has never once lost is temper or given up. He just adjusts when needed and keeps working. Sweat and all. He is amazing. I'm such a blessed girl :)

So, let me show what he has done...

The stairway has super high ceilings. So when he told me his next project was to scrape them, I said, "Love, how?! The ceiling is SO high." He said he has a plan. And this was it. He created his own scaffold. He is a genius! The picture above is him securing it to the wall. Wow...

Next he added a ladder. As if this wasn't freaky enough?! This is where he spent most of Sunday afternoon.

He worked, I took pictures :) Painting the ceiling, fun stuff!

Piper was so willing to help! She loved exploring :)

The finished product!! I love everything about this. So excited to have LIGHT!

Did I mention that our house would be perfect for vampires? We lived in the dark most nights. Well, not complete dark, but it sure was dim! This stairwell had no light. My hubby added all 3 of these. Yes, he rocks.

A lil breakdown of all his hard work...
  • built the insane scaffold
  • scraped the popcorn ceiling
  • installed electrical boxes where the lights would go
  • painted the ceiling
  • painted the walls
  • installed the lights
AMAZING. He worked his booty off. I'm sure he did more than I have listed, there are so many details to get things done. All I did was pick the lights and paint. With my sis and mom's help, of course :)

We are loving our newly lit home.

I'll share another post soon with more of his work. I sure do have a hard working hubby!

P.S. We are coming up on our 1 year anniversary!!! So blessed :)


  1. So awesome!
    I'm so glad that you're so in love and that your man is such a hard worker :)

    And Piper is OH SO cute!


    1. Thank you! :) I'm unbelievably blessed! :)
      Haha and Miss Piper is quite the heartbreaker! She's a lot of fun :)

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