Monday, June 25, 2012

Let's get creative!

Happy Monday! I had a wonderful weekend with my hubby. We got so much work done at our house! Well, to be honest HE got a lot of work done... I cleaned. A LOT. But I enjoyed it, we haven't got to be home for long periods of time, so things had gotten a bit messy. UGH.

Linking up with the fabulous Miss Jessica from Lovely Little Things for Smell the Roses! Her task this week was to do something that gets your creative juices flowing! Yes!!

Lovely Little Things
Since I did so much cleaning this weekend, I realized how much that gets my creativity going. Seriously. Being able to really see the potential of our house got me thinking, and I like it! I just need to put that into motion.

We picked paint colors! Well, my sis picked, I just thought what she picked was great. But if you read my post from last week you know that I was dreading this decision. I am very happy with the outcome though :)

This was a wonderful task because it made me realize that there was more to cleaning than just CLEANING! I was able to see past that and get my creativity in gear. Thanks Jessica for helping me enjoy cleaning a lil bit more! :)

I'll share pictures from my hubby's hard work tomorrow in another post :)

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  1. Always glad to help out :)
    Thanks for linking up, girl!

    And I'm glad that you're pleased with the paint colors that you guys went with, too!