Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A lil randomness...

Happy Wednesday!! It's a great day to link up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple for... Oh, how Pinteresting!

I usually try to think of a theme for my pins every week but this week I decided to go with a random theme! So, here are my top 10 pins for this week...

Source: via Tawnya on Pinterest
Source: via Tawnya on Pinterest
Source: via Tawnya on Pinterest

1. I LOVE the Office! My hubby got me hooked. Dwight is hilarious.
2. Going to do this very soon!
3. Sweet. Giraffes are the cutest.
4. God's love is amazing.
5. Need a window.
6. Curly haired girl issues! I always have to use more product than recommended. ALWAYS.
7. Giving it to Him.
8. Love this dress. The color and the neckline, I want it!
9. Sweet reminder.
10. Would love to make this for our home.

So this was a different Pinterest post for me, but I have to say... I like it! It's fun to search Pinterest for fun ideas. Now, just putting those ideas into motion is the hard part, right?!

I hope you have a blessed Wednesday! :)

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