Thursday, June 14, 2012

June photo challenge update!

Hey there! So we are about half way through June (it's seriously freaky how fast time is going by) and I'm still going strong with this month's photo challenge!! Are you participating in the challenge? If not, there's still time! Just jump right in :)

You can find the list and details from Fat Mum Slim's blog here.

Here are my 6 most recent pics...

Day 8: 6 o'clock... Piper and hubby time
Day 9: my view today... Piper is in a lot of my pics :)
Day 10: the best bit of my weekend... BBQ with my love!
Day 11: door... on our morning walk
Day 12: from a low angle
Day 13: art... by a sweet lil toddler

This challenge is pretty challenging sometimes! It takes a lil time to remember to stop and take a picture of something specific everyday. But I really enjoy it, it's fun to look back on the pictures. So, if you feel up for the challenge, join in!

And if you would like to follow me on instagram you can find me at tlc6485... Enjoy your day! :)

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