Friday, May 11, 2012

High Five for Friday!

It's Friday!! High five! :)

It's been a long draining week. So glad it's Friday. Looking forward to spoiling my mom this weekend for Mother's Day :)

Linking up today with Lauren at From My Grey Desk... she's awesome!


Here are my top 5 things from this week...

New cookie recipe! I was on the hunt for one since we were attending our first home owners meeting and I wanted to bake something tasty to share. They were a hit! Recipe post coming next week :)

I work at a preschool. I get to spend my afternoons with the sweetest, cutest most entertaining lil babies. This week has been teacher appreciation week. We were so spoiled! So many yummy treats and flowers. And even a Starbucks gift card :) So thankful to have a job that I love :)

Sweet gifts :)
My husbands grandma was in the hospital this week, not a highlight. But she got to go home on Wednesday! She is so glad to be home.

Attended our first homeowners meeting on Wednesday! We were so excited to see how we can get involved in our lil condo complex. We have great neighbors :)

Our lil neighborhood :)
My hubby and I have started a weekly tradition of walking to a pizza place near our house. Not only do we get to talk about our days on a wonderful walk but we get to enjoy tasty pizza!! I love my hubby, he is so wonderful :)

Taken last week... watching baseball, waiting for our food
Pepperoni & black olive pizza. The best!

 Hope you're all enjoying your Friday!! Have a blessed weekend :)