Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Oh, how Pinteresting!

It's Pinterest Wednesday!! Linking up with Michelle from The Vintage Apple. Yay! :)

I have been really into trying new recipes lately, so my top 10 pins for this week are things I plan to make in the near future!

Oh, how Pinteresting!...

I think my hubby will love this
 Source: via Tawnya on Pinterest

Love Italian food
Interesting... going to give them a try
Love new chicken recipes
Source: via Tawnya on Pinterest
Green salsa is tasty
Looks fun
Pickles make my mouth water
Peanut butter cookies with a twist!

I just love finding new recipes! I'm a bit of a picky eater but I am learning to try new things. I am blessed to have a husband that will eat just about anything! So I can make new things without worrying about him. I see quite a few recipe posts coming soon :) 
Happy Pinterest day! :)

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  1. You pins are ALL making me hungry! Great choices!

    You have a new follower!

    -Simone @