Monday, May 14, 2012

Smell the Roses!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend spoiling those lovely ladies in your lives! I know I did :)

Today I'm linking up with the awesome Jessica from Lovely Little Things for Smell the Roses. Her task for this week was to redecorate an area of your home. Or get courageous and do it all! And to also take a minute to remember how having such a lovely place to live is a real blessing. Thank you Jessica for helping me to stop for a minute and look around at all the God has blessed me with. It's amazing! :)

Lovely Little Things
So, I shared with you all last week that my husband and I hadn't been living in our new house for long and that I had been dragging my feet getting things decorated. Needless to say, I had quite a few areas that needed a spruce! 

I chose 2 areas in our home that have gotten no love and are areas that people see right when they come inside. 

I started with our fire place. We hadn't really unpacked all our pictures so I did that yesterday and added some love to the pretty bare fireplace. Much better!
I love pictures :)

Next I worked on our dining area. We had done absolutely NOTHING here! Aside from use the table to put all our stuff on. Not so cute at all!

Boring. But has potential!
 I took this pic AFTER I put all the crap away. Believe me, it was pretty bad! But once I got it all cleared out, I remember what a cute lil table we have! By the way, I have big plans for this table. You'll see :)

Our budget is tight, so I decided to raid other areas of our home that could spare some decorative things. This is the final product...
Much better!
Happy table :)
It's still very simple but a big step up from what it was! I am excited to have a meal here with my hubby :) The place mats are from Target, they came in a pack of 4, the other 2 are yellow and orange. The flowers are from teacher appreciation week :) The decorative wall hook thing was left by the previous owners (score!) and the mason jars are from our wedding. Love. This small project got my feet wet for tackling the rest of the house. We still have painting and other final touches to get done first but now I'm ready! It feels good to give our house a lil love. It deserves it! My hubby and I have been so blessed with everything we have and this task really helped me take an extra few minutes to be thankful.

Have a fantastic day!! :)

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  1. Isn't it amazing how pictures can make a place SO much homier than it was before?! Love it :) Fireplaces are so cozy, but I don't have one since I live in Florida!

    Happy Monday, girl :)