Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Birthday love :)

 I have the most wonderful husband. Seriously, he is so sweet. God really blessed me with an extraordinary man, he has such a loving heart. I'm so thankful for all that he does, not only for me but for everyone in his life. He makes my heart so happy :)

Yesterday was my birthday, yay! I'm 27, boo, but I refuse to feel older! So I am really... 23, ok? :)

When I got home from work my love had surprises for me! I walked in and saw this...
A card telling me how much he loves me :)
And then I heard the birthday song playing upstairs. But, not the traditional birthday song. The Beatles version. Have you heard it? It's an awesome song. The song is called Birthday, it's on their White Album. Love it.

My mom started a tradition for my siblings and me when we were younger, she would blast the song first thing in the morning and we would all get out of bed and give the birthday person hugs. It's such a fun tradition that I look forward to carrying on in our house.

Next, I went to the stairs and found these goodies...
A giftcard for Joanns!
Treats for both of us. Yum.
Just what I needed!
My love :)

I had such a wonderful birthday. My hubby spoiled me! He so creative and always does such a good job with surprises. And, he is for sure the best present!

I'm so thankful for my wonderful family and friends who made my day extra special!!

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