Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Work it!

Happy Wednesday!! It's time to link up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple for some Oh, how Pinteresting love!!

This week my theme is Fitness! I've been in a funk. I started working out daily then I hurt my shoulder and have not gotten back into it! I'm a slacker. So, hoping to motivate myself back into working out I chose these 10 pins...
Making a change
Hang in there!
Giving this a try
Very good to know
Source: via Tawnya on Pinterest
Start fresh
Trying this
Never had a flat tummy, maybe this will help!
Patience with myself is hard
Junk food = bad!
Hunger Games! Love it

One of my biggest challenges right now is changing my diet. I am a snacker, always have been. And I have a sweet tooth. So my snacks are not the most healthy. BUT that is fixable. Healthier snacks is my first step. Next, cutting out soda. Yikes! Hard one. This one will take some help from my hubby, but I can do it!! Hopefully 30 days from now I'll be sharing a good progress report :)


What are your fitness goals? What motivates you? Do you have any helpful tips for me? :)

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  1. You stole my blog! haha. We need to do that. Stay fit and healthy. we can do it!