Friday, July 20, 2012

High five it's Friday!

It's Friday!!! One week from today my hubby and I will be on our road trip vacation. And I can't wait!!! So so ready for a lil break and some extra time with my love.

Sharing some fun moments from my past week. Linking up with Miss Lauren at From My Grey Desk for H54F. Yes! Let's get going...

_ one _
Our lil Piper got fixed last week, and she is recovering quickly! The day we brought her home she was already back to her maniac self. And she gets to wear this oh so lovely cone...
_ two _
We got some new dry food for Piper this week, and silly me, I forget to put it away and this is what she did to it while we slept. She just couldn't wait...
_ three _
Since I wanted to finish the food we had for Piper I didn't give her the new stuff. She wasn't thrilled. And this was her way of letting us know the old stuff wasn't cutting it anymore...
This has been a fun Piper week ;)

_ four _
I have gotten to work full days this week and it's been great! I have awesome co workers and the sweetest babies to hang out with. I love my job :)

_ five _
Planning for our road trip this week. Oh and by planning I just mean talking about it with my hubby. That's as much as we plan. We are just heading out and ending up where we end up. And that's exactly how we like it. We have a general idea of where we want to go but it could change! So excited :)

Happy Friday guys!! And have a wonderful weekend :)

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